To heal codependency give to yourself what you most seek

akira wisdoms

Here's a little wisdom that Akira shared with me in meditation.

Be Here. Now. For Yourself.

"I love you. I am always here for you. I adore you."

I realized how much she'd been my source of such authentic unconditional love and when I lost her in physical body it was a heart break I'd never known before.  

In this message she conveyed her unending love and devotion, and in turn asked me to give this very love to myself. That I needed to be that foundation for myself so even though I'd grieve when losing a loved one in life, I would have that grounding of self love always present.

To give to myself what I most seek from others. That I must be that for myself first. 

Akira and me were brought together in body for us both to heal codependency and abandonment fears and to step fully into our autonomous power, self-worth, and experience the true meaning of love.

In Spirit, she continues to guide me deeper into this self awareness, healing, and expansion.