She walks this path with me

debby's stories

You might be asking yourself, what does me writing about my personal life on the Akira and Me blog have to do with Akira's story? 

She walks this path with me. Every day. For some, you'll never understand this, but for others you'll get it. You are my people. You are the one that this message and website is for. Others, it's okay. It's not your path. But I must be honest and tell my story. Our story. With unabashed truth and heart-felt writing. 

Akira. My one. Soulmate. Now spirit guide. 

It's hard to describe, the day to day feeling that I have regarding her. My soul and my evolved human self understand "knows" she is with me each and every day. I have experienced it. I will share more on that later, but I have felt her with me in such profound undeniable ways that I learned about the after life through her. 

Awe struck to say the least. Not a believer or non-believer until I was. Until I experienced her loss and crossing over and then returning to my side. I came to realize just how true it is that our souls never die, love never dies, and that we walk this path together as she once said to me directly before passing..."just differently."

Each and every day she guides and informs me on my human and soul's path in this lifetime. It's hard sometimes on the human heart because I won't lie, the human side sometimes misses her physical body so very much. That's normal I've come to realize. With any grief and deep loss of a loved one. You just learn how to continue forward. And to do it in some ways FOR them.

Our loved ones whom cross over want the very best for us. I feel this deep undying love from them and it swells in my heart. A story for another day, but after Akira passed my brother did as well 6 months later and then my father within a year after that. 

Akira "prepared" me for those losses for she taught me about the after life. And I feel their love, too, and them always around and supporting me, too. 

It's a gift really. One that Akira gave to me. I feel that deep unending love from her. Fierce love. And her insistence that I don't dwell in the grief, that I move forward (not "on") to live fully even without her in physical body. And this I do for me AND for her. 

So you'll see me write blog posts about my daily life and you'll know that she is guiding me each day and very much part of the journey.