Intuitive messages guiding my life

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I found myself today as I was cruising on the bike with the ocean wind blowing through my hair hearing Akira's message, "it's just like riding a bike" as my gleeful inner child peeked her head out.

I need more of this I heard my heart saying within. More joy. More inner child play. 

Funny how life brings what we most need to light through the most unexpected ways. 

I recently started supporting a local property management company who manages airbnbs, right up my alley I thought, having my own airbnbs in the Arizona mountains and running them remotely from San Diego. 

Intuitively I was called to respond to a Facebook post on the local San Diego Airbnb Hosts from a property management company looking for someone to do property Mission Beach. 

I was right in the middle of moving and most definitely wasn't thinking about or ready to take on any other responsibilities, BUT as life has our best interests at heart, the opportunity presented in the divinely perfect timing.

And I had promised myself I'd start being a strong YES to life!

To hear those subtle or not so subtle messages guiding me to a life that surprises and fulfills me in ways the mental mind can't possibly plan.

I thought, what the hey, and wrote a comment on their post that I had my own airbnbs and might be able to help out. Long story short, an immediate private message, a meetup the next day (which I again felt guided to take despite being rather exhausted in the middle of moving).

And here I am several days a week riding a bike from property to property inspecting airbnbs before their guests check in. 

Why write about this here?

Because it's not the most "natural" way of living or at least not the way we are taught to live...

to listen to let alone trust those soft inner voices and intuitive messages and allow them to inform and guide our daily actions and decisions.

In my vantage point this is the key to letting go, evolving purposefully as a soul in this lifetime, and living one's most authentic life.

And Akira is very much "in my ear" and often working as an advocate behind the scenes to help me along the way. This I know.

And as I've said in other posts, this may be a stretch for some people to believe and that's okay. It may not be your path. But I know and have experienced this amazing connection with those who've passed on and are here loving and guiding me every step of the way.

I wish this peace of heart and mind for others, too. So I share.