How to achieve outcomes and maintain inner peace

conversations with akira

Akira asked, "what is your burning question today....."

Today I was pondering how I was feeling called not to follow my schedule for the day and to slow down and check in with myself before moving forward. And I was feeling angst and "shoulding" myself to get things done and follow my plan.

Akira, do I listen to my inner guidance and feeling state that says to slow down and go inward or take action as planned today knowing the importance of it?

Akira: You have a natural rhythm about you. We love that you trust this.

It’s my mind, it wants to control things. See the outcome before it is realized. Then gets impatient to go there.

Akira: The best way there is through your breath. Dropping into your heart, feeling into your body, breathing deeply in and releasing. Listening and feeling. Centering and landing in your body. Finding that inner peace and allowing it to inform your actions. This you know. Well. Let it guide you to miraculous places in your life. With peace.

Mom, you know this path. Why do you doubt yourself? What’s really the fear here?

Life pressures. Human life pressures, I guess. We have to pay the bills, take care of responsibilities, make sure you have a roof over your head, food to eat, a car to drive, health care, take care of our loved ones, and on and on. That means we need to make a living, be responsible, and make sure that we are protected for a rainy day and all things that life throws at us.

I feel like time is of the essence, always. I notice that is a pattern that I have learned in life. Urgency. Survival. Worry. Impatience. None of which are who I really am. I know this. I can feel the contrast when I am in that state and when I have risen above and have such a level of peace that has no words. I am just looking at how to bring “heaven on earth” as they say. To bridge these two worlds if you will. One where we have the security and safety and freedom and peace.

It seems like such a challenge in the human experience. I’ve bounced both ways. Been the uber responsible one with a corporate job and had some sense of security and also thrown caution to the wind.  Though I actually think that a true sense of security can never really reside from anything outside ourselves.

I have experienced that personally being on both the "have and have not" sides of life. Realizing when there’s not much there, sometimes my inner peace is deepened because I know who I really am at that moment - what is real and what falls away never did define me or my state of being.  Then being on the other side with ample material goods and feeling so empty inside despite all appearances.

So it is crazy making that I even find myself forgetting this, but then again it seems to be a human experience to resolve this dilemma in life. Handling the humanly things and still having and being of the spiritual realm.


What would you tell us about this dilemma?

Akira: The dilemma is in your mind. It’s easy to say that the reality is you all have to pay the bills. Sure, that is true. But can you also say that there’s a path for everyone that when you follow it and trust that within yourself you have the answers, that you will be guided perfectly through all that is meant for you to experience – the good and the “bad” and know that in the end you and all will be well?

You have seen this transpire with me first, then your brother, and next your father, but yet you still doubt this. You've watched your brother and father at peace like you never thought possible. And the infinite love that they have for you.

Rise above it all. Remember the truth. Then go within for your next called actions, but try your best to slow down the energy, your actions, until you know in your heart what is next. We recognize the challenge that comes with the slowing down, for you feel like and in some ways life is moving oh so fast. But it’s rare the times you must act immediately. In most cases you have time to ponder, to go within, and “right” yourself before moving forward.

You know how to do this. You do it often. What makes it difficult for you is when your mind pops in and tries to override your truth. But you are very good at trusting in the flow. It’s the angst you are trying to resolve within. The self judgment, doubt, and ridicule that you try and plant on yourself that is just needed.

You are more evolved than that, and you have the ability to find the peace in any situation. When you slow down. So yes, slow down. Trust the feeling that you are having today. And know in the slowing down that you will indeed get to your desired “destination” if it is truly in your highest good. You liken the phrase slow down to speed up, and in a crude-ish way that can be used, but we don’t even thing it is a speeding up. It’s a moving in divine order of things. Does this help?

Yes. It’s my mind causing me to feel the angst. This is true. I much prefer the inner peace I know and feel so well. Thank you, my love.

Is there anything else you would like us to know?

Akira: Yes. Speeding up is fear based. It does not help ultimately to achieve your goals, at least not in having peace, too. Many people can achieve great things, but if you ask them or look at them you will see there is really no peace in their soul. Is that what you want?

No. Not at all. I think that is why I resist so much societies approach to life. Not just that I am a trailblazer, I don’t see it that way, I just feel deeply called to follow my inner guidance and seek peace in life. If the logical thing says to do it one way, but I don’t feel the intuition to do so, I will follow the less traveled or “logical” path every time.

I continue to desire a deepening of inner peace on this human plane. And I also look to be a creative soul and realize my greatest desires. There can truly be a tug of war within me to achieve and get things done and to go within and slow down.

Akira: You can have both, but it will take a conscious effort to hold the two hand in hand. Never a complete balance, a conscious awareness of what is needed in a given moment. A re-righting at times to “rebalance” when you fall out of peace. Always the measure, how do you feel within. Not the fear based feelings you mentioned, that inner peace feeling that as you said has no real words to describe. Seek that in your actions, and in that you’ll have peace on earth.

Mom, you’ve got this. We marvel at your willingness to do this work. Take this conscious path and to be an inspiration to others to do the same. Infinite inner power. Each and all. Walk the path bravely. We are here for you always, admiring your commitment to live in peace and bridge the two together – human and soul.

 ~ Akira